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2012-2021 Tesla Model S - Alpharex NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights Alpha-Black

2012-2021 Tesla Model S - Alpharex NOVA-Series LED Projector Headlights Alpha-Black

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These Tesla Model S NOVA-Series projector headlights will fit the following models:

  • 12-15 Tesla Model S with stock Xenon headlights for US and Canada version only (direct fit without converters)
  • 16-21 Tesla Model S pre-facelifted with stock LED headlights for US and Canada version only (require converters for installation, please choose “With converters” option under the dropdown menu)

*Not compatible with the 21-up Tesla Model S facelifted models at this time. We are actively working on finding a fitment solution for these vehicles, and we will update our page accordingly once a solution has been determined.
** If your stock headlights have matrix headlights feature, installing our NOVA-Series headlights will deactivate the matrix feature.


Our Tesla Model S NOVA-Series headlights represent a harmonious blend of the original Model S DRL (Daytime Running Light) design, coupled with AlphaRex’s signature 3D ice-cube NOVA projectors and our distinctive activation light feature.

The LED tube design pays homage to the original Model S design, but with a more assertive angle at the end, adding an aggressive touch to the vehicle’s appearance. These tubes serve a dual purpose, functioning as DRL in both white and amber, giving you the flexibility to select the preferred color. What sets them apart is that the entire LED tube operates as a sequential turn signal, departing from the original Model S design which only had the top part functioning in this manner. Additionally, our activation light feature orchestrates a running sequence when you unlock your vehicle, imparting a unique and captivating appearance in low-light conditions.

With a total of five projectors, our Tesla Model S NOVA-Series headlights offer a perfect fusion of style and performance. All five projectors light up to provide exceptional low beam illumination, and the inner two projectors serve as dual beams, ensuring both low and high beam functionality.

Upgrade your Model S with these NOVA-Series headlights to enjoy the best of both worlds – an unbeatable stylish look and unmatched nighttime performance.

Projector Technology

Our Tesla Model S NOVA-series projector headlights with our patented Ice Cube 3D LED projector, delivering superior performance and a unique look. We use the high-quality Osram Oslon black flat LED chip in our NOVA projectors, ensuring exceptional brightness and reliability. The projection cut-off line is perfect for American LHD regulation, ensuring that you receive a product that meets legal requirements. Our NOVA-series headlights not only deliver superior performance and quality, but they also add a touch of sophistication and style to your Tesla Model S, making it stand out on the road.


Our Tesla Model S NOVA-series projector headlights feature a signature activation light that puts on a dazzling sequential light show when you unlock your car. Our headlights also come with a sequential signal light that enhances your style when changing lanes or making a turn. With these advanced features, you’ll enjoy improved safety and a sleek upgrade that’s sure to turn heads. Don’t settle for ordinary headlights when you can upgrade to our NOVA-series and elevate your driving experience.


Upgrade your Tesla Model S with our NOVA-series projector headlights, available in both black and alpha-black housing options. The black housing adds a sporty touch to your car and pairs well with any color and front grill. For those seeking a more luxurious look, our alpha-black housing is a specially designed option that combines glossy elements with the black paint, delivering a unique blend of sportiness and luxury. For more information on our color housing options, be sure to read our detailed article about our headlights color housing. With our NOVA-series headlights, you’ll enjoy improved visibility and a stylish upgrade that’s sure to turn heads.


Upgrade your Tesla Model S with our NOVA-series projector headlights, crafted with durable polycarbonate plastic lens that withstands the toughest driving conditions. Our headlights also feature a layer of anti-fog agent on the lens, allowing for better light output in extreme weather. We take it a step further by applying another coating to protect against yellowing and oxidation, ensuring that your headlights maintain their clarity and functionality for years to come. With our NOVA-series headlights, you can drive with confidence and enjoy enhanced safety in all conditions.

SAE/DOT Compliance

Drive with peace of mind knowing that our NOVA-series projector headlights for your Tesla Model S are fully compliant with SAE and DOT FMVSS108 regulations. At our company, we take quality seriously and hold our products to the highest standards. All of our headlights are certified to ISO-9000, ISO-9001, and ISO-9002, ensuring that you receive a premium product that meets rigorous quality control measures. We inspect every detail of our lights to ensure that we’re satisfied, and more importantly, that our customers are satisfied too. Choose our NOVA-series headlights and enjoy enhanced safety and uncompromising quality.

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