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2018-2023 Tesla Model 3 | VR Aero Matte Carbon Fiber Package

2018-2023 Tesla Model 3 | VR Aero Matte Carbon Fiber Package

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  • 1 x VR Aero Matte Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler Tesla Model 3 2018+
  • 1 x VR Aero Matte Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Tesla Model 3 2018+
  • 1 x VR Aero Matte Carbon Fiber Side Skirts Tesla Model 3 2018+
  • 1 x VR Aero Matte Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler Tesla Model 3 2018+

The styling of the Tesla Model 3 is becoming a monotonous look as not much has changed on the exterior. Since the Model 3 is becoming a staple for Tesla, many owners are beginning to modify these vehicles to add a sense of personalization and style. Adding aerodynamic pieces, can have a large impact on your car's appearance with more aggressive styling cues. The VR Carbon Fiber Aero Kit fot the Tesla Model 3 features an incredible pre-impregnated 2x2 carbon fiber weave, the autoclave formation provides exponential durability and longevity. With the latest CAD software, the each carbon fiber piece offers an immaculate fitment along with superior styling and functionality. On top of that, Vivid Racing's carbon fiber pieces are all coating in 3K UV protection to stand up to the elements and resist any unnecessary fading. When paired with the Tesla Model 3, the VR Carbon Fiber Aero Kit delivers a top-notch performance look that the Tesla Model 3 lacks from the factory - as it was not intended to be a sporty vehicle.

The VR Cabon Front Lip Spoiler provides superior quality and unique styling. It sits 1.5 inches lower than the factory bumper, giving it that lowered look without any suspension upgrades. Boasting the perfect balance between form and function, our front lip not only looks great but delivers unmatched durability while being ultra-lightweight. What's more, installation is simple and straightforward, and can be completed in under a half-hour!

The fins on the carbon fiber diffuser extend outward from the Tesla's rear bumper to both smoothen and channel air flow to offer more stability as it moves at higher speeds. While aerodynamic parts are great for enhancing a vehicle's appearance, they are even better when they deliver their respective performance and handling benefits. The Vivid Racing carbon fiber rear diffuser exerts incredible strength and durability. The aggressive styling of the Vivid Racing rear diffuser suits the Model 3 and matches its sheer speed to give it a meaner look. In fact, this diffuser hangs 1.75 inches lower than the rear bumper. Delivering a balance of both aesthetics and performance, the rear diffuser lets people know your Model 3 is more than just a luxury sedan. With the Model 3 capable of shocking acceleration and top speeds, the rear diffuser is in its rightful place adding a much-needed sporty look to the back bumper.

Carbon Fiber Side skirts are a great way to tie your entire look together, especially if you opt for complementary pieces like a front lip spoiler and rear diffuser. They hang 0.5 inches lower than the factory rocker panels and appear to stick out just the right amount to give it that sporty car look. These side skirts pair well with the curvature of the Tesla Model 3 and blends seamlessly with the front and rear of the vehicle. It's just the right add-on mod to set it apart from the rest while still remaining true to the car's DNA. Being that the Model 3 leaves something to be desired in the style department, the Vivid Racing carbon fiber side skirts add a touch of elegance with the slight aggression you want for your luxury sedan.

The Vivid Racing carbon fiber rear spoiler for the Tesla Model 3 adds an aggressive appeal to trunk area with a more performance-oriented look that is better suited to the sedan. A simple mod but one that makes a noticeable difference, a rear spoiler can really elevate the appeal of the Model 3. Looks aside, adding a lightweight and functional carbon fiber spoiler to your trunk lid can improve high-speed stability as well.


  • Matte Finish
  • Pre-preg 2x2 carbon fiber weave provides strength and style
  • Autoclave process increases durability and longevity
  • Utilization of Solidworks 3D modeling offers superior fitment
  • 3K UV resistant coating protects against fading
  • 3D printed and CNC machined molds for precision curvature


  • Front Lip:
    • Hangs 1.5-inches lower than the factory bumper
    • Offers 5.75 inches of ground clearance
  • Rear Diffuser:
    • Diffuser hangs 1.75-inches lower than the rear bumper
    • Offers 5.25 inches of ground clearance
  • Side Skirts:
    • Side skirts hang .5-inches lower than the factory rocker panels
    • Offers 4.75 inches of ground clearance
  • Trunk Spoiler
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